a few recent pictures

A few minutes of intense rain fills the gutters along the roadside.  This shot was from a high spot, so I imagine it was worse at the lower altitudes in the city.
My lovely wife and I were looking at property for sale.  Lots of tall anthills.  These two anthills weren’t even the biggest ones.
One of the common sights one sees on the highways, people carrying heavy loads on bicycles.  How does this young man keep all those bananas balanced on that bike?
So many people living in close quarters . . .  It’s funny, in the USA, we came up with a concept called "community gardens."  But in Rwanda, it’s a necessary way of life, especially in the rural areas.
This is probably the single most common sight in the rural areas, mud-brick homes with one door, sometimes with windows.  They tend to be about 6 or 7 feet tall and cover about 100-200 square feet.  I figured that these homes are the real reason there are so many people walking along the streets, even in the most remote of places.  I suspect these homes get very hot in the daytime, so people need to hang out outside, even if there is nothing to do. 
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One Response to a few recent pictures

  1. Nancy says:

    Are you sure this the life you want to experience? You are such complex people, & this seems so limited. Love you, mom

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