Funny thing happened on the way to the market

Funny thing happened on the way to the market

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I met up with several team members at the end of the day today.  We were in a famous restaurant, Chez Lando.  This restaurant is mentioned in nearly every book that gives an account of the genocide. 


Anyway, a couple of Rwandese came in with a muzungu.  Normally I do not pay much attention to the other muzungus, especially those who I do not know, but this lady, whose name is Lisa, was clearly and actively working on her KinyaRwandan.  I decided to approach her just to tell her that I appreciated hearing another muzungu learning the local language.  You see, virtually every muzungu I have met so far, even those who have been living in Rwanda for a long time, do not learn the language.  Granted, most or all of them know French, which is a widely spoken second language for Rwandese.  So, I was impressed to find a muzungu who was learning KinyaRwandan. 


I first approached Lisa and her Rwandese friends by excusing myself into their conversation and telling them I was interested in embarrassing our team, which is something I am particularly good at (or so I have heard).  Now, what do you think were the odds of meeting someone from Spokane?  Whose best friend recently had a baby in my wife’s office?  Turns out, Lisa’s friend was seen by my wife a few weeks back and had told my wife about Lisa and told Lisa about our team.  So, we all knew there was another Spokanite in Rwanda somewhere. 


Lisa is doing some freelance work for the Rwandan Ministry of Education. 


I enjoy hearing our team tell this story.  It usually involves the comment, “You know how Christopher is . . .”

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