Safe Travels

“Safe Travels”


Today was a day that reminded me why we tell each other, “Have a safe trip.”  My lovely wife stayed in today with a migraine headache, probably a result of trying to do too much in the midst of being sick with the crud.  I stayed with her for a while and then spent the day making contacts and setting up appointments. 


Four of our group left for Butare, a town known as the education center in Rwanda.  Their plan was to meet with the director of the national medical school and visit the national museum.  However, their plans were drastically altered when they had a vehicle accident with a truck whose passengers were armed security.  I am thankful it did not create an international incident.  I am also thankful that it was a Rwandan friend who was transporting our team as opposed to one of our team members driving.  Based on their accounts, my sense is that there was great potential for serious consequences.  All are safe.  A couple of them were temporarily traumatized.


I had to ask Eddy, “Did we seem like spoiled Americans?  Here we are worried about an accident where the only bad thing that happened was a damaged vehicle and the inconvenience of missing an opportunity while also spending the entire day in a hot vehicle.”  I figure that any Rwandan who is more than 20 years old continues to deal with the trauma of genocide.  A motor vehicle accident probably sounds trivial to them.  But Eddy, in his wonderful wisdom just recommended that we take a day off from work, rest, and “recharge the batteries.  You cannot save thousands of Rwandans in two weeks.”  Funny, I didn’t think it was me who was saving them. 

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