Things are Looking Up

Saturday, February 28

Things are looking up

We flew into Washington, DC during the late night.  I couldn’t sleep on the plane.  I really admire Pam Silverstein – she was able to sleep under the worst conditions.  We were cramped together, bumpy ride, announcements over the intercom every 10 minutes, etc.  I spent most of the night reading “A Thousand Hills,” by Stephen Kinzer, a biographical story of the Rwandan genocide as seen through the eyes of Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame.

We had a long layover in D.C., so we sent a few tired and sick (my wife) to a hotel, then Pam, Priscilla and I went into town.  We visited two museums:  the Museum of African Art and the National Holocaust Museum.  So sorry for the reader, but we were forbidden to take pictures, except for a few select pieces of African art.  I will post those later when I have better internet.  This dial-up is for the birds

I titled this entry “things are looking up” for two reasons.  First, Le’s health seemed to improve due to the great nap she had at the hotel.  And second, the Holocaust Museum smoke stack.  You walk into a replica of a chimney four stories high, the kind built at the crematories for all the bodies of murdered Jews.  Inside of this smoke stack replica are literally hundreds of pictures hung on the inside walls.  They are all pictures of people who perished in the Holocaust.  It was my second time there.  I consider it to be holy ground.  In that moment, I wanted all the other visitors to disappear so that I could be alone to pray. 


We checked into the airport later that evening.  What joy and what a mess . . .  Suddenly we were surrounded by international people, most of whom are Ethiopian.  (Our next flight was to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a stop in Rome, Italy.  By the way, it seemed cruel to have a 45 minute stop in Rome.)  This was to be our longest leg of travel – 14 hours in the air!  We felt joyful, because we were suddenly the spectacles, surrounded by the people with whom we have fallen in love.  Messy because there were so many people, most of them family members who were there to see someone off.  Messy because security had difficulty explaining the weight restrictions to those who had packed way too much in their carry-ons.  Once we were on the airplane, I made it a Lunesta night!  J


Once again, the

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