I prayed “Thank You” to the toilet

I prayed “Thank you” to the toilet

Friday, February 28, 2009

My normally cheery and sweet wife is sick.  Ugh.  She is fighting the “crud” jus t as we are about to travel 64 hours to get to our new second home.  So, you can imagine what I thought when she came out of the bathroom and told me she prayed “Thank you” to the toilet.  “What,” I thought, “Did you throw up?”  She reminded me of about the semi-primitive restrooms in Rwanda.  She used the restroom in SeaTac International Airport and it dawned on her:  this may be the last or nearly the last decent toilet she will use for the next few weeks.  She felt grateful already.  Well, good.  At least she wasn’t talking about chunks, or something really icky.

We had a long layover in Seattle.  We wanted to put our stuff in storage, but found out it would cost $60-$100.  So, instead of storing it all, we rented a car for $35, took  a drive into downtown and had lunch.  That was much better than staying at the airport.  It seemed to be an auspicious beginning:  Seattle was 50 degrees and sunny!!    


Our illustrious team for this trip consists of Trip (a school district administrator),


Sara (nurse midwife and married to Trip),


Catherine (nurse midwife),

Pam (Ob/Gyn),


Priscilla (neonatologist),


My lovely wife, Le (nurse practitioner and student nurse midwife)

And me.


I am on dial-up and it is taking 30 minutes to upload each picture.  I think I will show proof of Trip, Sara, and myself some other time.  With great love, Christopher

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One Response to I prayed “Thank You” to the toilet

  1. RYAN TRACIE says:

    Hello from New Mexico 🙂 I am an NP student in the same class as Leanne (thanks for posting the blog address in the forum). Sure hope you are feeling better soon Leanne! Just wanted to let you know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers. I am in admiration of the work you are doing. I loved reading your thoughts about the country- very informative and insighful. All best wishes for the team\’s success in administering your specialized care and the recieving of invaluable lessons from the culture.Tracie GraceAztec, NM

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