But wait – there’s more!

I am not sure when I will officially be done writing this blog.  I have so much left to share.  The truth is, I have been very fortunate.  I am able to reminisce with Miranda and Le . . .  And at times they are the only ones I can trust to reminisce with because I know they understand what I am feeling. 
At this point, the trip is still fresh, but the travel home is more of a blur.  We had a loooong layover in Nairobi, Kenya – 12 hours.  While there, the craziest thing happened.  I was watching a group of people deboard a plane when I saw someone I know:  David Crump.  David is one of our local Board of Health members, a friend to public health.  He is a well-respected member of our community, always seems evenly tempered.  Anyway, I ran up to him and enjoyed the strange look on his face as he looked at me.  A bit out of place, it was.  He was in Kenya to visit family.  Later, I enjoyed being made fun of by some people in our group.  It’s kind of fun when your friends make fun of you for seemingly knowing everyone, even people in Kenya. 
One of the big things I remember about the trip home was the startling contrast between London and Newark.  In London, the service was amazing and given with such grace.  I said in an earlier blog that it is as if UK invented good manners.  However, when we stepped off the plane in Newark, we were getting yelled at.  Both London and Newark herded us all like cows, but in Newark, it felt dirty.  For those who don’t know, Newark, New Jersey is right next to NY, NY.  The one person in Newark who gave us service with a smile had a British accent.  Hmm.
Just like the trip over to Africa, the total time from leaving the hotel to the time we walked into our house was over 50 hours.  Whew!  On top of that, none of our check-in luggage made it to Spokane.  Someone told me it was a sign I was not meant to leave Rwanda.  At this writing, we have received all but one piece of luggage.
I think I will do one or two more blogs about Rwanda after this.  The more time I have to process the trip, the more I have to say.  It is as if everything this trip taught me happened after I got home.  So, the impact of the trip continues to linger well beyond my expectations. 
For now, my eyelids are getting heavy and I will go to sleep. 
I love you all.  Thank you for reading this blog. 
Phil, with his favorite Rwandan drink, a beer called Mutzig.
I am pretty sure I did not need a sign to tell me NOT to drink the water in the planes’ bathrooms.
Loading, unloading, on and off the planes.  At least the skies were blue and the air was clean.
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