Loads of pictures

We got ready for the wedding and just had to pose for each other.  These are my favorite two photos.  The young lady on the left is Jill, a medical student.  She will be staying in Rwanda for several weeks longer than the rest of us. 

In stark contrast to our dress clothes . . .  As we arrived to the wedding, there were many neighbors wandering the area.  Imagine if there were no TVs.  Then any novel event would be entertaining.  When I saw the woman on the right, I began to tremble.  I found it difficult to keep my composure.  Even as I write this blog, I am feeling emotional.  The picture is too small to see what I saw.  She looks to be late teens or maybe early twenties.  Tough to tell with the youthful look everyone seems to have.  The people do not seem to wrinkle much.  In any case, this young lady is old enough to have lived through the genocide.  But she was probably very young, somewhere between infant and 10 years old is my best guess.  Her forehead has numerous puncture scars, clearly evidence of having been jabbed in the head with a pitch fork.  The thought of seeing her 14 years ago, as a young child or maybe as a baby being jabbed in the head with a pitch fork was very difficult for me.

  Most of these folks were neighbors, not invited guests.  They are on the bride’s property, just outside the structure where the wedding was held.  As the wedding continued, more and more people gathered in that small area.  At one point there were dozens of kids just outside enjoying the great African dancing and singing.

These two pictures show some of the men of honor (groomsmen) in their white overgarments.  The upper picture is a man who, at least so far, is the oldest person we have a picture of.  I think he was near 60.  I did meet an 80 year old man yesterday, but my batteries have been dead.  In fact, the batteries went dead right after these photos were taken.  I did not get any photos of the wedding.  My hope is to get some from one of the other members and post them later.

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