Day 6: Le’s excitement

June 23, 2008

I DELIVERED MY FIRST AFRICAN BABY!!!!  I had Dr. Pam and Sara (the midwife) on either side of me coaching me through the entire process, with Miranda watching near by.  It was more joy then I can express and such a long awaited dream! It was a typical day at labor and delivery for them, but really intense for us.  There were 3 C-sections, 3 births including a set of twins, which Sara delivered (a first for her also), in approximately 6 hours.  We had no interpreter, the nurses only spoke French and Kenyarwandan, so we improvised  A LOT!!  When Sara and I were delivering the twins, a butterfly flew through the window to greet us (thanks MAMSIE!).   We won’t discuss the coachroach I saw on the floor…..I am exhausted, grateful, humbled, and priviledged to work with these amazing nurses, doctors, and beautiful Rwandan women.  I can’t speak a word to them except through my eyes and gestures, but I know we have connected.  When we ask a doctor who could speak English what our patient was saying, he replied “God thank you to these white women”.  There is so much more  to say, but just know I love you all very much and am so grateful for you in my life.  I must sleep before I fall over!



P.s. WomanHealth:  Dr. Pam can’t figure out why there are no comments on the official blog site??  Steve’s office has already written, hurry up ladies, the boss is waiting!@#!@  We are doing amazingly well, under all the stress including A.G., no major volcanoes have erupted!!  Please tell Maggie Yates I am forever indebted to her for the final piece of my dream come true!! Love you all and can’t wait to have a tequila  AHHH!! LZhy

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2 Responses to Day 6: Le’s excitement

  1. Staci says:

    Thank you Le, Christopher and Miranda for keeping us updated.  What an experience you are having and thank you for sharing so eloquently.  I shed tears every day as I read your posts.  Hey, I have commented on the main site, which is written by Adie (?), unless there is another one that we don\’t know about.  I don\’t see any posts by Steve\’s office, mostly Adie\’s friends, I think, and me.  lol.

  2. Annie says:

    Oh Le my eyes are wet and my heart soaring for you sister!  What an amazing day(s)!!!  I wanted to send my bundles of love and kisses and of course fairy dust to you all, and let you know we are getting the baby boys on saturday the 28th.  Brenya will meet them in Ritzville and have them until sunday evening then bring them to Keyatti.  Mams and I are at the forum so I needed some help, but will be off Monday to squeeze the stuffin\’ out of them both for all of you and of course myself!  I will take them to summer camp with Aaliyah on Monday and they will love it, Missy has had a blast.  Lots of games and water fun.  I\’ll bring them to you when ever you want, they can go to camp with missy Tues and Wed and you can pick them up on Wed evening if you want.  Just send me a little message via blog and what ever you request will be done.  I love you all beyond words!  Nanny

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