This one is probably too gross and personal to post. Read with caution

We have been so busy the last couple of days that the blogs are showing up farther and farther between.  The good thing is, my wife is in for the night and likely to do her first blog.  I figure this one will be short, so I will just tell some of the gross stuff.  Do not read this if you have sensitivities, as in, “too much information.”

For the international traveler, get all the oral antibiotics done if it is possible.  Or, at least start them as early as possible.  For me, it generally takes 3-4 days for my body to adjust to an antibiotic.  It gives me weird bowels:  smelly gas (and lots of it) and frequent, minimally productive BMs.  Not very pleasant for airline passengers who are stuck next to me.  I finally calmed down on Day 2 in Rwanda.  Then, I ate something that disagreed with me and had one night of “bowel cleansing,” if you will.

Clean water is a luxury here.  We are buying bottled water by the gallons.  We do not use the tap water except to wash.  Even then, we always finish off with the hand sanitizer.  Anyway, it means that I use very little water for brushing.  I pour about 2-3 ounces in a cup for rinsing and cleaning the toothbrush afterward.  Because I do not want to waste the water, I drink it after using it. 

NOTE:  The batteries in my camera keep dying and I haven’t taken pictures all day.  I will post several more pictures, hopefully tomorrow.

Most of the standard comforts of life in the USA are a luxury here, including toilet paper.  The tp roles are about ½ the diameter of those we have in the USA.  It means using a lot less and being creative.  That is probably a good skill to have anyway – I could save a little money on tp when I get back home.  J

Most of us should have been wearing cologne on the trip.  It would have been a much more palatable smell than our body odor.  Usually, when I am on vacation, I go without shaving or using deodorant.  I tried that for the first few days, but finally gave in yesterday when I could not stand my own smell.  You know it’s bad when you gross yourself out. 

Lastly, I recommend using the toilet in the hotel right before leaving on any excursion, no matter what.  The bathroom in our hotel is nothing fancy, but it is far better than public restrooms.  I have annoyed myself twice now when I went out to find dinner without using the toilet first.  Later, as I am eating, I need to use the restroom, and I wish with all my heart that I could go back in time.  Nine out of ten public restrooms are smelly, without entrance doors, or simply in disrepair, or worse.  Not very appetizing to use a public restroom at a restaurant and then go back to eating – especially since there are no decent wash basins.

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