Okay, one day down, one more to go

Well, we now have most of our team together.  WOW.  Turns out there will be a total of 19 of us, not 17 as I reported earlier.  We started with 16 yesterday and two joined us in Newark, NJ today.  One will meet us tonight in London.  Thankfully, even when we have gotten stressed or cranky, we are not taking it out on each other.  We are tired, but Le and I stayed in a Yotel in London and got some rest.  The rest of the team went site-seeing.  It has been so good, Le has only had one valium – ha ha.
Remember, we love you and we are extremely thankful for your support!!
Here are a couple pics from the flight so far . . .

Our team at the Spokane International Airport 3am!

Miranda asleep on the plane to London – ha ha.  Isn’t she cute?

Miranda posing as we pick up our luggage in London.  By the way, they don’t call it baggage . . .  that word is reserved for wives.  🙂

Here we are in the doorway of our Yotel, which is a 10’X10′ room.  Amazing!

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