Counting Down

Oh, goodness.  At this writing, it is only 74 hours left until we hop on the plane.  These last few days have been quite hectic.  We have quite the "To-Do" list hanging in our kitchen.  Everything from "making a packing list" to "weighing our carry-ons."  I think I am running one day behind. 
Yesterday was a big boost.  After spending much of the last several days running a fever and desperately trying to work anyway, I finally caved in and stayed home sick.  Later in the day, I felt a little better and thought I might check in on Best Buy to see how our donation request went.  Thankfully, Sandra was there.  She made sure I had the best customer service and we ended up with two laptops, both loaded with MS Office 2007 and LOTS of photo paper and color cartridges.  The discounts were deep and well worth it.  We gave the receipt to our dear Terri at church who made sure we were reimbursed right away, to the tune of $1,100!! 
Tonight, we were given the most wonderful prayers by our prayer chaplain leaders.  What a GREAT group.
Here is the pic from tonight (I like to call them my harem):

I might as well also show Le and me while at our chaplains’ retreat in April:
Also, I showed Miranda, aka Sissy, how to blog and her site is  Here she is with Ariel earlier in the Spring (isn’t she cute?):
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